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Our drill is the drill that will PIERCE THE HEAVENS!
xx GGZ Skype group | 01 Apr 13
22:41:29 by Solus
Views: 4636 | Comments: 5

GGZ is on Skype!
...Yeah, it has been for a while, actually, but I forgot to post this. =/

Anyway, if you have Skype and aren't in the group yet, add me ("solusryane") and I'll add you to the group.

xx New Years 2011-2012 | 31 Dec 11
17:08:28 by Pickle
Views: 5712 | Comments: 0

Happy New Year, Green Groove Zone!


EDIT: French though, so can't complain I guess.


xx An Overdue Apology | 03 Aug 11
Cold Dog
16:22:56 by Cold Dog
Views: 14057 | Comments: 22

Hey kids! How you been? ;D

The name's Cold Dog, better known these days as Lee, best known around here as CD; AND I... AM YOUR CREATOR.
Nah, as many of you know (and don't think I don't know that you know) I am the founder of Nomoreblue. Nomoreblue being what this website was formerly known as until we made some arguably awful decisions! And as many of you will know, my name holds a great weight here, like a candy bar strapped to a particularly plump walrus. BECAUSE...!

...people might still be wondering what the hell happened to me, where did I go, why did I leave and, most shameful of all; why the hell didn't I say anything about it? Or maybe because

Well, to those willing to listen I will be happy to explain whatever I need to, but for now I would like to offer to you all my sincerest apologies.

About 2 years ago, sometime in Autumn/Fall 2009, I disappeared from the site without a word. What makes it worse was I left in the middle of a much-touted "Revival" strategy that I was hoping would draw in new members and spark new life in what was a dying forum. I left Jay Discoponies, who had been kindly paying for the server for years, alone in the management of the website. I gave administrative power to either Pickle or Rune, or had a say in either ones anyway (I'm not sure how it all happened), but I knew they could look after the site while I was gone. And for the most part, I didn't really expect to be gone so long!
At the time, my life was a shambles. I had invested all my time and energy into the internet and one day it all came crashing down on me. I found myself almost abandoned socially and slowly slipping away from friends who were moving on with their lives. I just found myself empty, and with the general shift of the website, the only thing I had in 3 years that I had ever equated myself at home with had changed so drastically I couldn't recognise it.
So I decided to take a break. It wasn't consciously I moved away from the website, but everytime I went to click on the tab I found I had nothing to contribute, and eventually moved away. As I dedicated more time to my friends who lived around me, I grew less interested in the internet as a whole. I got into a band, into social circles I had never been apart of and just lived a far more 'typical' teenage life for once.

And, in all honesty, it was the best decision I ever made.

As much as I loved the forum and everything that came with it, it had now become the one mainstay in my life and I grew more and more bitter towards it, to the point where I couldn't face it anymore. I even gave up MSN and other key elements of my online existence, moving onto a single social network (at present, Facebook).

By 2010, things were starting to cool down. I had proven to myself a lot of things, managed to establish a working relationship with someone (her name's Maria and we're still happily together today) and basically turned my life around for the better. And with that, I eventually could face the site again, but only in small bursts. I couldn't just jump back into conversation, but I could see how things were coming along. I noticed that the site changed hands, which was possibly the strongest moment for me coming back since I left. I felt overjoyed at the thought that people still cared so much for this old thing that they wouldn't just give it over so fast. There was a great sense of pride and a great sense of guilt.

I shouldn't have had other people keeping this alive for me. I should be stepping in, claiming it back myself and promising the world like I used to! But I think I learned my lesson. In the entirety of Nomoreblue, I was more the mascot than the manager. The friendly voice that greeted every newbie, the one guy who would keep the comics going and the stories moving but also doing his best to encourage everyone to do the same, to varying effect. When I claimed we could rekindle things, I hadn't thought it through. I've never had all that much power when it came to advertising or actually changing the site. Even now I know I couldn't afford to keep this place alive myself!
I had put too much pressure on myself and couldn't face up to it. I had a habit of doing that before with comic ideas (Nomorebluerians Movie? Nomorebluerians itself?) and other mishaps, and then I actually pressurised myself into 'fixing' Nomoreblue! I had well and truly screwed up.

And after all that, I can only apologise.
I'm sorry for having left everything up to you. I'm sorry for leaving at such an inappropriate time. And I'm sorry for never even mentioning it.

I'm also proud though =)
Nomoreblue has always been a friendly website for Sonic fans of any inclination to call home, make friends and have a good time. Today, it's closer to it's original form than it had been in the 2 years since we upgraded from Invisionfree. A small group of people who all go online just to talk to an audience of friendly enthusiasts about whatever the hell they feel like! That's what Nomoreblue was about! And I'm so glad to see it still is about that, at its heart. So thank you all for doing such a great job keeping it alive!

Now, that leaves where I stand now.
In all honesty, I've no idea. I can't honestly say I'm back for good, but I can't honestly say I'm ready to leave just yet!
In the future, I plan to set up my own online blog in which to upload articles I'm writing in my spare time. I also plan to go to University in a few months to study English with Creative Writing, exam grades permitting. How either of these will go as far as time consumption goes is anyone's guess. With a social life still to balance, work still active and heavy, a relationship to support and the possibility of another few years of education, it's clear to see I may be short on time. But I honestly feel if I play down my role on this site a bit and contribute every few days or so instead of every few hours, I will probably last longer in the long run.

So for the foreseeable future, I guess you can count me back!

As far as the rest goes, such as the old NMB crowd, well maybe this return can convince a few to take a similar stance and stop by once-in-a-while to say hi to some old friends, as well as some new ones. But for now, I'm content with how the site is holding up, and hope you'll have me back as a contributor once more!...

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